25% Healthier Today – A Journey into Daily Happiness!

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25% Healthier Today – A Journey into Daily Happiness!

Everything here is designed based on what works today for me, Jerry Banfield, and for my friend Jay Cucurullo to have a healthy, happy, and complete life. Jay Cucurullo has inspired me since 2009 to take better care of myself and to build a more healthy life.

In Jay Cucurullo’s first course, he shares a few tips that work for him each day to take care of his physical, mental, and emotional healthy. I share the same thing and hope you can immediately apply any lecture to what you are doing today.

How did I think to make this course and what qualifies me to make it?

I was reading a book by Scott Adams about his life that he wrote. In it he shared some common sense tips he uses for eating that made a lot of sense to me. He said he accepts that he is a lazy person and sets his eating up accordingly. Most of my life I had fought my lazy nature and always lost because I would not set my life up to handle it. The few words he shared in his book inspired me to try to set my eating up so that I had lazy foods available that were healthy that I would eat.

After seeing how powerful some practical tips for living well from a regular guy were, I was motivated to share what I do in my life that works for me to live a lot healthier life today than I have ever lived before. I hope in sharing this with you that you can immediately get some practical tips out of it that you can use to live your healthier life today!

Take this course to get access to lectures that will inspire you to look at how you are living today and try some new habits that might make your life a little easier!

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thank you for this great suggestions!!!!!

woww greeat and a worthy course to learn and practice...thank you soo much!!

great course and a worthy one for anyone ......loved it

thanks to the instructors!!!

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