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Android Studio Project: Code your own Video Player App

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About Course

The video player running in the Android app. It is an app-level media player built on top of low-level media APIs in Android. The video player has a number of advantages over the built-in MediaPlayer in Android. It supports many of the same media formats as MediaPlayer, plus adaptive formats, such as DASH and SmoothStreaming.
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Have you been thinking of creating an app but didn’t know where to start? Congratulations, you have come to the right place. A developer not knowing how to create an app with Android Studio is not well equipped. Make sure you grab the offer and enroll in this course! Even if you are an upcoming developer or completely new, this course takes care of that. What’s great about this course is that the instructor elaborates so well that anyone can understand and learn to create an app!

What does the course offer?

Android Studio is the IDE used to create a video player application from scratch. To view a video, a ‘Media Player’ is used in Android. The video player created in this course will support all forms of media formats that a regular media player does and also adaptive formats like SmoothStreaming and DASH. You will end up with a video player that can list view the video files, creating video controls, making the video player activity, improving the video controls, saving the video state, selecting and renaming the video, sharing the video file, and deleting videos. 

Why learn to code a Video Player Application?

A media player is an essential app for any phone with the advent of smartphones and photo and video content produced and consumed on a large scale. Learning how to create a video player application for mobile is going to give you an edge and experience in designing any application.

Why choose this course?

Everything will be explained thoroughly by the instructor as the lectures are more like a practical tutorial on designing and coding the video player application. Each and every aspect is covered with a step-by-step guide from opening Android Studio to fixing bugs at the end. To reinforce what you’ve learned, make sure to code your own video player application as per your needs and features you want to see in the application.

Publishing of the application can be done in an application market place like Play Store or through a website. Publishing is the process of making your Android applications available to users. When you publish an Android application you perform two main tasks. You first create a release version of your application, which users can download and install on their Android smartphones. And then, during the release stage, you publicize, sell, and distribute the release version of your application to users.

Thus, this course will enable you to produce an application even if you are an amateur in Java and learn how Android Studio IDE works.


What I will learn?

  • How to create an Android app like a professional.
  • How to use Android studio.
  • Concepts and terms involved in app development.
  • Booming Job Prospects

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : You can have your own video player app in Android Studio today!

  • 28:00
  • Lecture 2 : Creating the video player list view adapter
  • Lecture 3 : Listing video files and creating video controls
  • Lecture 4 : Creating the video player activity
  • Lecture 5 : Finishing the video player activity
  • Lecture 6 : Improving video controls and saving video state
  • Lecture 7 : Select video and rename video features
  • Lecture 8 : Share video and delete video features and bug fixes

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1 year ago
complete procedure is explained here and helped me a lot....

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  • Anybody who wants to create their android applications.
  • Beginners who are interested in Android app development.
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  • Anybody who wants to get a job as an Android Developer.

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