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Best Games to Play on Facebook Gaming

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The gaming video hub of Facebook aggregates all of the live and pre-recorded gaming videos from the platform and displays them in a single place. This makes it easy for you to discover the latest gaming videos from your favourite games. You can stream your games on Facebook through the Facebook Live tool and the gaming video hub serves as an extension of that and solely collects gaming videos. This Course will be a perfect guide for your Facebook gaming career.
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This facebook gaming course will give you a deep insight on how to do a Facebook live game streaming. In this Facebook gaming course, the instructor will take you through a series of classes to explain every nook and corner of how to do a Facebook live game streaming from beginner to the advanced level to give you a practical exposure about everything that’s being involved in Facebook live game streaming and also how to earn by Facebook live game streaming.

This facebook gaming course also teaches us how to go viral in Facebook live game streaming and how to earn money as a beginner in this field by integrating and working holistically with all the things that we have learned before in this course.

We also deeply believe in learning by doing. So, we highly recommend everyone who is taking this facebook gaming course to experiment with it practically while you are learning this course by which you can have a hands-on experience in everything you are learning.

In the first session of this facebook gaming course, the instructor explains the best games to play on Facebook to earn a lot. This Facebook Gaming Course also contains a series of lectures which includes:

  1. Best Games to play on Facebook Gaming.
  2. How Facebook Gaming Growth becomes easier when it is streaming a day.
  3. Heart Rate Monitor setup for live streaming With OBS on Facebook Gaming.
  4. Go Vertical on Facebook Gaming for 3X Views and Followers.
  5. How to stay Monetised on Facebook Gaming and Creator studio by following Community and Monetizations Guidelines.

This facebook gaming course also gives us insights on how to work with OBS (Open Broadcast Software). We are also going to learn about Heart Rate Monitor setup for live streaming with Open Broadcast Software on Facebook Gaming. This facebook gaming Course has a special session on Heart Rate Monitor setup in live streaming helps us to capture the user emotions and to further customize the game accordingly.

In the Second Session of this facebook gaming course, the instructor introduces the Facebook game partners to give advice for gamers on how to make a partner. This session of this Facebook Gaming Course includes :

  1. Kingslayer Partner Advice
  2. StoneMountain64 Partner Advice
  3. The PoolShark Partner Advice.
  4. Immortal Gaming Partner Advice.
  5. The era of the Geeks Partner Advice.
  6. Darkness429 Partner Advice.

By integrating all your learnings from this Facebook gaming course, we are pretty sure that you will have a strong base in Facebook live game streaming and take your career in gaming to the next level and reach great heights. This facebook gaming course will make you a Master in Facebook Live Gaming and help you gain a strong command in this domain

And at the last comes the special part in our Facebook Gaming Course to earn where the instructor also put us with a series of question which helps us to gain deep knowledge about Facebook live gaming which will help us to create an everlasting positive impression in Digital Space. He also answers the common confusions everyone is faced with while live-streaming a game on Facebook using this Facebook Gaming Course.

There is also a special tutorial about the technical issues we are facing due to the advancing software. By taking this Facebook Gaming Course you will not only get access to quality content but also will be updated about all the changes in forthcoming years in this software.

I am sure that this Facebook Gaming Course will lay a solid foundation for your Facebook Gaming career and will help you stand out with exceptional skills among your peer groups. Start your learning here, practice consistently and become an expert in this domain with our Facebook gaming Course.




What I will learn?

  • Build and manage the leaderboards of Facebook games.
  • Learn to make Gaming partners.
  • Learn how to earn from Facebook gaming.
  • Technical aspects of streaming a game.

Topics for this course

Section 1 : Best Games to Play on Facebook Gaming!

  • 05:00
  • Lecture 2 : Facebook Gaming Growth is Easier When Streaming an Hour a Day
  • Lecture 3 : Heart Rate Monitor Setup for Live Streaming with OBS on Facebook Gaming
  • Lecture 4 : Go Vertical on Facebook Gaming for 3x Views and Followers
  • Lecture 5 : Wear Costumes to Stand Out and Increase Views
  • Lecture 6 : Stay Monetized on Facebook Gaming and Creator Studio by Following Community and Monetization Guidelines

Section 2 : Facebook Gaming Partners Give Advice for Gamers On How to Make Partner

  • Lecture 7 : Introduction
  • Lecture 8 : Kingslayer Partner Advice
  • Lecture 9 : StoneMountain64 Partner Advice
  • Lecture 10 : ThePoolShark Partner Advice
  • Lecture 11 : Emortal Gaming Partner Answer – Part 1
  • Lecture 12 : Emortal Gaming Partner Answer – Part 2
  • Lecture 13 : Era of the Geeks Partner Advice
  • Lecture 15 : Conclusion
  • Lecture 14 : Darkness429 Partner Answer

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1 year ago
veryy veryy good course....!!

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