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Canva is a free tool and you can use it forever. If this is your first time to design something, this class is a good start. To create a cool and trendy shirt design without using an expensive editing graphics program.
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Whatever your goal is, designing your own t-shirt from scratch doesn’t have to be an expensive, stressful, and difficult process. In this course, you can make your first t-shirt project a success. There are versatile, comfortable, and casual staples in any wardrobe that has been designed in Canva. So, if you have ever thought of designing your own clothing or branded merchandise, this course is the perfect place to start!

There are endless different reasons you might choose to design your own t-shirt. It could be to sell in your eCommerce store, build morale in your corporate team, give as a gift, or even to wear yourself. Branded t-shirts can also be a highly effective marketing strategy, with research from BrandSpeed showing that 57% of consumers looked more favourably on companies that gave them a free t-shirt. So, the Canva studio we will employ during the course has a lot more features that can bring your ideas into life within minutes.

In this course, you will be able to learn all the necessary techniques with which you can design awesome shirts on Canva. This course will let you know about the services that Canva provides with responsible manufacturing, the convenience of reprinting with no extra cost if you are not satisfied, and it renders free standard shipping in 3-5 business days. Now, you can design team shirts, company swag, and group T-shirts. The custom t-shirts Canva features comes with a classic round neck, a versatile and popular choice for both men and women. You can create custom tees using Canva’s Pink Technology Lifestyle and Hobbies to get an excellent look. You will learn about choosing your printing style.

The Uniqueness of this course

The course you will be learning will incorporate the design programs that are widely used by designers, business owners, and bloggers alike. Canva is a great, easy-to-use, drag, and drop online design program that is being mainly used by small business owners and bloggers as there are several templates available that you can opt on the classification of your preferences. Overall, this course is a great option if you’re looking to create simple graphics and documents that require little design skill because this course comprises learning of Canva designing and Adobe studio.

This course is a standard program for graphic designing that allows for completely custom graphics for your clients, your blog, or your business. It will help you to find it easy to use and super robust. You will be taught on the aspects depending on your goals, what you are creating, and your current/desired career path; this will dictate which program you should be using or learning for graphic design. With Canva, raster graphics can be made up of pixels, which allows them to be smaller in file size, and the type of graphic files used here is for digital output.

You can design t-shirts with images that are easily editable because these paths create shapes that can be changed, re-coloured, or re-configured at any time you want. Here, you can import jpg and png files, also own fonts to the platform. You will easily learn with zero designing skills with the format the instructor provided in this course.

By the end of this course, you will learn to

  1. Brainstorm and visualize your ideas
  2. Master Canva and become the designer of your online presence
  3. Principles of designing and implementing them
  4. Understanding of print on demand sites
  5. Design irresistible and convincing Business Proposals

What I will learn?

  • Learn to brainstorm and visualize your ideas.
  • You will know to use Canva and become the designer of your online presence.

Topics for this course

Section 1 : Welcome to designing your own shirts!

Section 2 : Start designing today with no experience!

  • Lecture 6 : Easiest way to get started desiging a first shirt?
  • Lecture 7 : Most painful mistake I have made designing online?
  • Lecture 8 : Thenounproject has graphics for a low cost!
  • Lecture 9 : How I track new ideas and get through writers block.

Section 3 : Redbubble vs Teespring vs Cafepress.

  • Lecture 10 : Which website to use for hosting the shirts and making sales?
  • Lecture 11 : Fast design with Teespring.
  • Lecture 12 : Cafepress makes it simple to add a design to many products
  • Lecture 13 : What I use to make custom graphics with Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Section 4 : Canva.com tutorial for fast and free designs online! No software download required!

  • Lecture 14 : Welcome to Canva!
  • Lecture 15 : How I made the thumbnail for this class in Canva.
  • Lecture 16 : Realtime Canva design for a shirt with a graphic.
  • Lecture 17 : Uploading and editing the design on Redbubble.

Section 5 : Adobe Photoshop basics tutorial.

  • Lecture 18 : Welcome to Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for amazing designs!
  • Lecture 19 : Making beautiful text fast and basic functions.
  • Lecture 20 : If I can make this design in a few hours you can do anything!

Section 6 : Top 10 T Shirt and apparel selling myths busted!

  • Lecture 21 : Top 10 Shirt Selling Myths Busted.
  • Lecture 22 : 10 Do you need money to start?
  • Lecture 23 : 9 Do you need to print locally?
  • Lecture 24 : 8 Is inventory necessary?
  • Lecture 25 : 7 Can a real business be made out of selling merchandise online?
  • Lecture 26 : 6 Who to sell to?
  • Lecture 27 : 5 Will a great design sell?
  • Lecture 28 : 4 Are Facebook ads good for making sales?
  • Lecture 29 : 3 Can I do this without being a graphic designer?
  • Lecture 30 : 2 Why not just hire a graphic designer?
  • Lecture 31 : 1 Is this an easy way to make money online?

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