Email Marketing with Mailchimp, Leadpages and WordPress

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About Course

This E-Mail marketing course is created due to the demand it has in the digital space as a marketing course.  A recent statistical analysis states that E-Mail marketing generates annual revenue of 48% in the marketing sector. This E-Mail marketing course will help you to make use of e-mail within your marketing efforts to promote your business products and services.


In the first section of this e-mail marketing course, you will learn about the basics of e-mail marketing and how to use it efficiently to reap the maximum results possible. How to make users create an account in your website and the impact it has on your e-mail marketing funnel in a positive way. In this e-mail marketing course, you will also learn about

  1. How a fast website makes e-mail signups a lot easier.
  2. Facebook ads with video to account signup make easy list building.

In the Second session of this e-mail marketing Course you will also learn about the instructor journey in e-mail marketing, the mistakes he made while doing e-mail marketing for his own brand. In this e-mail marketing course the instructor also talks about:

  1. How he earned $100000 via e-mail marketing.
  2. Delivering value through e-mail marketing.
  3. Mistakes he made while doing e-mail marketing.
  4. Website – the most crucial component of e-mail marketing.
  5. How to choose a service provider.
  6. How to collect e-mails effectively and testing them.

In the third session of this e-mail marketing course, you will learn about website basics for branding and building trust. This will be a short session with a series of two lectures yet deeply insightful. In this E-Mail Marketing Course, the instructor talks about

  1. What does one get in a websites basic section?
  2. Using Your name for the domain name as it stays the same.

In the Fourth Session of this e-mail marketing Course, the instructor teaches us everything about WordPress from beginner to advanced perspective. In this E-Mail marketing course, you will also learn about

  1. WordPress is the content management system
  2. Hosting providers that work great with WordPress
  3. The majority of the work comes from making the blog post worth reading.
  4. Starting by making signup forms on my website.
  5. Reasons strategies for a great website.

In the Fifth Session of this E-mail Marketing Course, the instructor also explains his learning while using Mailchimp for his e-mail marketing. He also hosts a special session on the technical issues he faced while using Mailchimp. This e-mail marketing course has a series of lectures that includes :

  1. Issues on account suspension and how to solve that.
  2. Templates to design e-mail outlines.
  3. Analysing reports in Mailchimp.
  4. API keys integrating with WordPress, leadpages.
  5. Adding users to Mailchimp.

In the Sixth session of this e-mail marketing course, the instructor also conducts a series of 10 lectures on sending e-mails and the technical aspect of that. The instructor also hosts a special session on Integrating plugins and optimising the websites.

In the seventh session of this e-mail marketing course the instructor how he builds landing pages before he builds a great WordPress website. Here you will also learn about

  1. Examples of squeeze pages, capture pages, registration pages in lead pages.
  2. How lead pages makes trial and error simple.
  3. Template for creating new landing pages.

In the Eight sessions of this e-mail marketing course, the instructor also explains about E-mail templates, sending first messages and reporting. The instructor also explains about Google Adwords for Remarketing.

I am sure that this course will lay a solid foundation for your career and will help you to stand out with exceptional skills among your peers. Start your learning here, practice consistently and become an expert in this domain with our e-mail marketing Course.



What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to Set up MailChimp email lists.
  • Learn how to market and profit from your growing email list.
  • How to Send impressive E-Mails.
  • Technical aspects of writing a Mail.

Topics for this course

59 Lessons04h 16m

Section 1 : How is this course designed to be useful for you?

Lecture 2 : What is exciting that you can do with using course?00:04:00
Lecture 3 : What am I doing a year later with my email marketing?00:06:00
Lecture 4 : Having users create an account makes getting an email much easier!00:07:00
Lecture 5 : A fast website makes email signups a LOT easier!00:08:00
Lecture 6 : Facebook ads with a video to an account sign up make easy list building00:08:00

Section 2 : May 2016 introduction and first steps.

Section 3 : Website basics for branding and building trust.

Section 4 : WordPress

Section 5 : MailChimp is the first email marketing service provider I used.

Section 6 : Sending Emails

Section 7 : LeadPages is how I used to build landing pages before having a great WordPress website.

Section 8 : Email templates, sending the first message, and reporting.

Section 9 : Google AdWords for Remarketing

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