Section 2: Build your hacking environment!

Section 3 : Linux Terminal and CLI

Section 4: What is Tor? How can you use it to protect your anonymity online?

Section 5: ProxyChains for using proxy servers, hiding your ip, and obtaining access.

Section 6: What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and how you can stay anonymous with VPN?

Section 7: What is a macchanger? How can you use it to change your mac address?

Section 8: Footprinting with Nmap and external resources.

Section 9 :Attacking wireless networks. Overview of the tools.

Section 10 : Breaking WPA/WPA2 encryption. WiFi hacking and WiFi hacker training.

Section 11: Signal jamming and denial of service

Section 12: SSL strips.

Section 13 : Let’s have a bit of fun!

Section 14: Evil twin method! Clone wireless access points to steal data.

Section 15: Attacking routers to give you free reign over the entire network

Section 16: DNS setting hacking to redirect users with post authentication exploitation.

Section 17: Website attacks with SQL injections.

Section 18: Brute-forcing methods for cracking passwords.

Section 19: Denial of Service (DoS) attacks demonstrated and explained.

Section 20: Reverse shells. Gain remote control of any device!

Lecture 3: Basic terminology – white hat, gray hat, and black hat hacking.