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Film a 30 minute video course in 1 hour


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Section 1 : Rapid Video Course Production Process!

Lecture 2 : Best Microphone for Filming Online Courses on a Budget
Lecture 3 : Best Camera for a High Quality 1080 HD Picture on a Budget
Lecture 4 : OBS Video Production Setup for Filming Online Courses
Lecture 5 : Soft Skills Necessary to Rapidly Produce Video Courses
Lecture 6 : Course Title, Subtitle, and Description Writing Explained
Lecture 7 : How to Get Students and Make Sales?


Film a 30 minute video course in 1 hour

Are you are a teacher or an online course instructor who loves spreading your knowledge online to thousands of people? Do you want to learn or upskill your video production skills? This is the best course you can ask for!

Video Production is no joke. Once when you start filming, you will realize how each aspect of production impacts the final output. This course is here to help you out! This course exclusively deals with producing video classes to teach students because online learning is the new normal.

If you are new to making videos, fret not. There is an easy and efficient way to film video courses, with the help of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Don’t get intimidated, this course will guide you step-by-step on how to use it. And the best part is you don’t have to edit your audio or video after filming!

If you didn’t know, Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a free, open-source software for video recording and live video streaming. It is meant for creating videos to teach students or create a set of video tutorials.

This course would be your complete guide on making amazing video lessons with great production quality as an instructor or a teacher.

Starting from the audio – what mic should I use? Should I buy the expensive mics recommended online or, earphones are just as good? What camera should I buy? Is it necessary to buy an expensive one? How can I cut my cost on that? All of your questions are answered in the course.

The instructor gives his recommendation on how to film a video course in the least amount of time and not compromising on the quality of production.

Undoubtedly, the soft skills of the instructor matter a lot while communicating. A well-articulated person conveys the content with ease as opposed to someone who isn’t as comfortable with the language. Thus, the instructor stresses upon either doing content in the language that you are good at or improve your soft skills in the language that you want to speak in. This one factor massively helps in cutting down the time in making videos as filming takes the most amount of time than any other task in creating a video.

It’s a rapid tutorial on filming an online course with the least time and with fewer efforts possible by eliminating redundant tasks and yet creating content that doesn’t look compromised in quality.


What to learn?

You can easily film a video of a course in 1 hour. You will learn to film courses easily on your own.


  • No pre-requisites are required.
  • A laptop or PC with a strong internet connection.
  • Interest in learning.

Target Audience

  • Interested in filming.
  • Those who are interested in short films.


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