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Section 1 : Hellobar tutorial

Lecture 2 : Hellobar is free to start and low cost for all features.
Lecture 3 : How to sync MailChimp or other email provides with Hellobar
Lecture 4 : Split testing messages and styles with Hellobar to maximize conversions
Lecture 5 : A simple call to action with Hellobar gets good signups
Lecture 6 : Using Hellobar with my website and MailChimp with a simple call to action.
Lecture 7 : Project for Hellobar for easy email subscribers.


Are you looking for the most effective and efficient email subscribing system? If you want people to provide their email ids when they visit your website, Hello Bar is the best tool you can ask for!

If you haven’t heard of Hello Bar before, it is a widget that helps you design messages for your visitor to take an action. It could be asking them to provide their email address or buy a product. It is easy to use, very flexible, and works across all kinds of CMS, be it WordPress, Joomla, or anything that you use. What’s impressive is that Hello Bar is free-of-cost and easily customizable.

The pop-up you see on a website either when you open it or before you exit it can be created through Hello Bar. This course will explain in detail how to use it and the best way to use it. There are varied options on how the pop-up should appear or when should it appear, what should the call-of-action be, what to write to make good conversions, etc. is explained in the course.

Hello Bar is free to use if you are getting started, but if you have more traffic it is advisable to get the $29 a month with the pro version.

If you have got a decent amount of traffic to your website, and you’re not collecting their email addresses, you are missing out on taking advantage of the traffic. By collecting their email IDs, you can make them visit that one page that you wanted them to visit.

Hello Bar not only functions as an email collection tool but also can do surveys, provide links to cheat sheets, e-books, pdfs, give a limited period discount and create fear of missing out (FOMO), and promote social media.

The instructor also has synced MailChimp with Hello Bar and he claims this is the best way to do email marketing.

It is better to do email pop-ups when the visitor exits the website rather than in the beginning because no one likes to be bombarded with pop-ups. When the pop-ups provide a value to the visitor, then there are higher chances of converts than a simple “buy now” or “subscribe to our newsletter”.

Thus, this a quick and functional course on email marketing, the best tools to collect email subscribers, and how to use email providers to get a good amount of signups with a simple call to action.

What to learn?

Learn to build hello bar. Learn to boost conversions.


  • No pre-requisites are required.
  • A laptop or PC with a strong internet connection.
  • Interest in learning.

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  • Interested beginners.
  • Those who are interested in enhancing their skills.


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