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Android Studio Project: Create a Camera App

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6 Lessons02h 55m

Section 1 : You can have your own camera app in Android Studio today!

Lecture 2 : Setting up camera preview and rotate camera feature
Lecture 3 : Connecting camera to layout and setting up the flash feature
Lecture 4 : Picture callback and take photo feature
Lecture 5 : Record video feature
Lecture 6 : Fix bugs and improve UI


Android Studio is easy to use and a free development environment to learn on. The best way to learn an array of technologies and concepts is to create an app that encompasses them all. Typically the app should neither be too simple nor too complex. It should be somewhere between. Those types of apps are what we create in this course. In this course, we want to create a camera app while helping you learn the technology.

This lesson teaches how to capture a photo by delegating the work to another camera app on the device. Integrating photos is only a small part of your application. Happily, most Android-powered devices already have at least one camera application installed. In this lesson, you will learn how to make it take a picture for you.

Android Studio is the backbone of our application, as we will develop our app using android studio. It will help you understand the layouts, buttons, and action handling. In this course, you will comprehend the lectures by step-by-step instructions on setting up your Android studio. Learning Android studio can be an excellent pro in your career.

The Uniqueness of this course

The Android framework you create in this course includes support for various cameras and camera features available on devices, allowing you to capture pictures and videos in your applications. This course discusses a quick, simple strategy to image and video capture and outlines an advanced approach for creating custom camera experiences for your users. Bug fixing and Improvising is a significant lecture that you will be learning from the expert instructor.

In this course, you will learn to create code in Android Studio to check for the existence of cameras and request access, create a camera class that previews the live images from the camera wherein, the class will create a view layout that incorporates the preview, and the user interfaces control you want. You will get opportunities to connect listeners for your interface controls to start image or video capture in response to user actions, such as pressing a button. Most importantly, you will be able to setup code for capturing pictures or videos and saving the output, and securely release your application for use by other applications.

By the end of this course, you will master the following skills

1) Detecting and Accessing Camera
2) Framing Preview Class, Flash and Rotate features
3) Building Preview Layout
4) Connecting Camera Layout
5) Capturing, Recording, and Saving features

What to learn?

You can easily access Camera and build an Android app Building Preview Layout Creating Camera Layout


  • No pre-requisites are required.
  • A laptop or PC with a strong internet connection.
  • Interest in app development.

Target Audience

  • Anybody who wants to create their android applications.
  • Beginners who are interested in Android app development.
  • IT professionals who are interested in enhancing their skills.
  • Anybody who wants to get a job as an Android Developer.


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