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About Course

Less Stress – I made a pretty big career change as well as reducing my hours. I went from a stressful job I didn’t like to do something fun that takes less time. In this fast-moving world, we are often advised to do smart work than hard work and there are a lot of practical examples that made this true. This course to increase productivity is structured for those people who are interested in Making More by Working Less


The first session of this course to increase productivity stresses the importance of “Getting a Lot Done Does not have to be Stressful”. He also hosts a special session on asking for help and that reduces the stress of an individual who is single-handedly managing a lot of things. In this Course to Increase Productivity, he also explains the importance of micromanaging the macro tasks one has to do.

The second session of this course to increase productivity covers everything about the information, age and attention. This Course to increase Productivity also includes

  1. How to practice the principles in this course.
  2. How to pay attention and what does the phrase paying attention really means.
  3. How to notice what you are paying attention to.

In The third session of this course to increase productivity the instructor explains about knowing oneself, this session includes a series of lectures that talks about

  1. How the instructor finds it impossible to change anything about himself until he really started knowing himself.
  2. The benefits of talking about who you think you are and what you have been doing with others.
  3. How to move beyond what you have been right now

In the Fourth Session of this course to increase productivity, the instructor explains about the honest appraisal of our Self-Created working conditions shows a huge opportunity for improvement. This Course to Increase Productivity also has a series of lectures which includes

  1. The kind of background noise while you work
  2. When was the last time you took a deep breath?
  3. When did you say YES when you wanted to say NO
  4. How often do you avoid doing things you do not like.

In this Fifth Session of this course on personality development, the instructor stresses the importance of productive habits. Adding to this the instructor also ads some special lectures to this course to personality development such as

  1. Importance of listening to one’s body
  2. How to boost your productivity.
  3. What is the biggest area of resistance you are experiencing now?

In this sixth session of this course on personality development, the instructor tells us how observing bad habits and admitting them helps make a way for change. This session includes a series of lectures such as

  1. Feeling like you are actually working hard versus actually producing good work.
  2. Notice anytime you tried to avoid something or task switching.
  3. Try to do everything up until the last minute causes a lot of stress.
  4. Planning for the worst-case scenario is always a total waste of time.

In this Seventh Session of this course on personality development, he hosts a special class about identifying the unproductive system and how to replace it with new tactics. This session of the course on personality development also includes lectures like

  1. Trusting yourself and others will eliminate 80 % of your trusted time and energy.
  2. Do what is the most important first thing in a day.
  3. A little work every day beats doing a lot in one day.
  4. The amount of time you have is enough. Do what you can with it.

In this Eight Session of this course on personality development, the instructor explains how our work, school and home are all unified. In this session of the course on personality development, there is a series of lectures that includes

  1. Work and School Productivity Tips.
  2. How to do the work in front of us to minimize the task.

I Assure you that this Course on personality development will help you to chisel your own personality and it will help you to design your daily schedule in a productive way from scratch in the way you love.



What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to make a stable income.
  • Learn to increase productivity.
  • Practical Tips for a Productive Life.

Topics for this course

47 Lessons05h 42m

Section 1 : Getting a lot done does not have to be stressful!

Lecture 2 : Principles for the course00:06:00
Lecture 3 : Three phrases I use to guide my actions every moment00:06:00
Lecture 4 : How asking for help allows me to do the next right thing and not make it worse.00:05:00

Section 2 : In the information age, attention is everything!

Section 3 : How much do we really know ourselves?

Section 4 : An honest appraisal of our self-created working conditions shows huge opportunities for improvement!

Section 5 : What kind of productivity habits do you already have?

Section 6 : Observing bad habits and admitting them helps make way for change.

Section 7 : With unproductive systems identified, we replace them with new tactics which bring better results!

Section 8 : Work, school, and home life all are unified.

Section 9 : Personal life starts at home.

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