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Master Google AdWords

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Online advertising with Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers and grow your business. However, before you can get started, you’ll need to know how to use Google Ads effectively in order to maximize the return on investment from your advertising spend and avoid making mistakes.
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This Google Ads course offers the opportunity to master this significant skill by running real campaigns. As a learner, you will be uniquely prepared to succeed at an agency, go freelance, or join a startup. Gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Google Ads, including Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App advertising as an extra layer of accomplishment.

With this Google Ads training, you’ll master the in-demand skills that will vault you into the digital marketing elite and experience the power of Google Ads by running real-life advertising campaigns, while getting feedback from experts in the field. The real-world experience you gain will set you up for success in any digital marketing role.

AdWords can help you structure a campaign that effectively draws invaluable leads that convert. It’s a great opportunity to help your business earn more conversions and grow. Google AdWords is so powerful and profitable and apart from Google AdWords, there’s no better form of SEM (search engine marketing) out there. The Adwords marketplace works as an auction. People bid money for clicks. But, the highest bid doesn’t always win. Google AdWords combines the money factor with a quality factor which we will be diving into this course, to create the best experience for the user.

The Uniqueness of this course

You will be able to demonstrate your ability to deliver effective display advertising to meet specific marketing objectives. You will get the opportunity to learn a notable effective way to draw in new, credible leads for your business through Pay Per Click Advertising(PPC). 

You can also study Remarked ads to keep the leads thinking about your brand. When they click on your ads, you can create a remarketing campaign that shows them ads for the products or services they viewed. This keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

This course will teach you to set up your AdWords ad with a relevant and updated landing page to see more success with your campaign. You will learn to direct your leads to see modern and updated pages. This means that you may need to invest in web design services to update your site or do it yourself using various design resources as a helpful guide.

One of the best features of this AdWords course is that you will learn that you don’t need to have a certain budget to run a campaign. Whether you run a campaign on $100 or $10,000, it’s easy for your business to set a budget that fits with your finances. Your maximum bid is the amount you are willing to spend each time someone clicks on your ad. It’s a flexible amount that can be changed at any time. Your budget is an important part of your campaign because it determines how long your campaign runs and how many leads you can obtain.

By the end of this course, you will learn the following skills in this domain

  1. Set goals for the digital marketing campaign
  2. Figure out your target audience
  3. Conducting keyword research and create effective ads
  4. Setting your budget plans and account history
  5. Master quality score, relevancy, and click-through rate features
  6. Use remarketing to boost conversions.

What I will learn?

  • Master quality score, relevancy, and click-through rate features.
  • Conducting keyword research and create effective ads on your own.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Join me on a journey starting from a new AdWords account to an amazing ROI!

Section 2 : Start from 0 with me on faith!

Section 3 : Conversions are critical for success!

Section 4 : Combine with Google analytics for remarketing.

Section 5 : Creating my first campaign in my new Google AdWords account.

Section 6 : Display network campaign creation.

Section 7 : Review initial results, improving landing pages, and copying ads.

Section 8 : First conversions tracked!

Section 9 : After 5 days, I am optimizing Google AdWords campaigns.

Section 10 : Competitive keywords and giant opportunities.

Section 11 : Scaling up.

Section 12 : Ongoing challenges with conversions and approval.

Section 13 : First positive ROI!

Section 14 : Optimizing the budget and bidding.

Section 15 : Beginning Remarketing with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Section 16 : Display network ads with remarketing.

Section 17 : Google AdWords for video which is YouTube advertising.

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1 year ago
loved it!!!!!!!!

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  • No pre-requisites are required.
  • A Gmail account to use Google AdWords.
  • A laptop or PC with a strong internet connection.
  • Interest in learning.


Target Audience

  • Anybody who wants to create their Google Adwords.
  • Beginners who are interested in Adwords.

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