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OBS Course for Recording and Live Streaming

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About Course

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a free, open-source software for video recording and video streaming. It can be used to capture your screen /or PowerPoint presentations and record them as a video or stream it live to the audience. It is thus a useful tool for preparing short videos for a “flipped classroom” setup. This course will teach you all the nuances of Open Broadcast Software.
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The Constant earning opportunities available in the digital space by making videos gave a rise to Open Broadcast Software Course and increased its demand in the digital market. Here in this course, you will learn about everything under the sun about the open Broadcast Software.

In the first session of the Open Broadcast Software Course, the instructor gives us an introduction to open broadcast software and the basics of its technical aspects. In this Open Broadcast software course, the instructor takes us through a series of lectures on :

  1. How I film videos for youtube and TikTok with OBS in horizontal and vertical profile.
  2. Free Camtasia alternative. How to use OBS for Recording Screen Capture video tutorials
  3. OBS vs Screenflow Vs Camtasia and final Cut Pro X for filming, editing and rendering videos.
  4. Obs first impressions after from Wirecast for live streaming.

In the second session of the open broadcast software course, the instructor explains about OBS video settings for chroma key, Cameras, Recording and Live Streaming. This session of lectures on open broadcast software course includes :

  1. OBS video production setup for filming online course.
  2. OBS Scene, Source, Camera and Audio setup using Limiting.

In the Third Session of the Open Broadcast Software Course, the instructor explains OBS audio settings, Filters and Plugins. Here he explains in details the Filters and Plugins and the technical aspect of using them to get the best quality work. In this Open Broadcast Software Course, the instructor also has a series of addon lectures like:

  1. How to set OBS volume Perfectly with Your lean Loudness Meter.
  2. How to sync camera, Audio and Video perfectly in OBS with clap test Recording with Camtasia.

In the fourth session of the Open Broadcast Software Course, the instructor also explains about Open Broadcast Software for live streaming. Apart from this session of the Open Broadcast Software Course the instructor also hosts a special session on

  1. Restream Dashboard and easy stream setup in OBS.
  2. Heart Rate Monitor setup for live streaming with OBS on Facebook Gaming.
  3. OBS Facebook Live Gaming alert setups.
  4. Vertical Stream Setup in OBS – Facebook Gaming Course 2019.
  5. OBS Facebook Live gaming setups for star and share alerts.
  6. io dashboards and easy stream setup in OBS for Restream.

In the Fifth Session of the Open Broadcast Software Course, the instructor explains to us how OBS works in macOS CATALINA. His clear and precise content without any jargons will be captivating for the learners. In this session on Open Broadcast Software Course, he also explains to us how to set permissions after upgrading.

We will also be constantly updating the course according to the recent technical changes in the digital space.  And at the last comes the special part in our Open Broadcast Software Course where the instructor also put us with a series of question which helps us to understand the course deeply. In this Open Broadcast Software Course, the instructor also answers the common confusions everyone is faced with while starting as a Professional working in this domain.

There is also a special tutorial about the technical issues we are facing in 2021 due to the advancing software. By taking our Open Broadcast Software Course you will not only get access to quality content of 2021 but also you will be updated about all the changes in forthcoming years in this software.

I am sure that this Open Broadcast Software Course will lay a solid foundation for your career and will help you to stand out with exceptional skills among your peers. Start your learning here, practice consistently and become an expert in this domain with our Open Broadcast Software Course.









What I will learn?

  • Learn to record and live-stream your videos on your own.
  • You can choose your own audio for the videos.
  • A practical guide for Open Broadcast Software.
  • How to live stream Videos.

Topics for this course

Section 1 : Introduction to OBS — What Can You Do With It?

Section 2 : OBS Video Settings for Chroma Key, Cameras, Recording, and Live Streaming!

  • Lecture 5 : OBS Video Production Setup for Filming Online Courses
  • Lecture 6 : OBS Scene, Source, Camera, and Audio Setup Including Limiting

Section 3 : OBS Audio Settings, Filters, and Plugins!

  • Lecture 7 : Set OBS Volume Perfectly with Youlean Loudness Meter!
  • Lecture 8 : Sync Camera Audio and Video Perfectly in OBS with a Clap Test Recording and Camtasia

Section 4 : OBS for Live Streaming!

  • Lecture 9 : Restream dashboard and easy stream setup in OBS
  • Lecture 10 : Heart Rate Monitor Setup for Live Streaming with OBS on Facebook Gaming
  • Lecture 11 : OBS Facebook Live Gaming Alerts Setup
  • Lecture 12 : Vertical Stream Setup in OBS – Facebook Gaming Course 2019
  • Lecture 13 : OBS Facebook Live Gaming Setup for Star and Share Alerts
  • Lecture 14 : Restream.io dashboard and easy stream setup in OBS for Restream!

Section 5 : Questions About OBS?

  • Lecture 15 : Does OBS Work on MacOS Catalina + How To Set Permissions After Upgrading!

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