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Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube and Facebook with Wirecast and Buzzsprout

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Wirecast is the software used to make filming and live streaming so easy! Buzzsprout is what I use to host my podcast and get it into iTunes as well as Google Music. Learn how to Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube and Facebook with Wirecast and Buzzsprout.
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Wondering how to go live on Facebook the easiest way without compromising on the quality? Wondering how to produce and stream podcasts the efficient way? This course will teach you exactly that!

Jerry Banfield does a Facebook or a YouTube live stream of his podcasts, every day. His podcasts are also made available on iTunes. He does it all with just a few clicks! The instructor spills all the beans on how to do this efficiently with no lag whatsoever. He is the best person you can advise on this because he has been doing it successfully every single day. With the help of Wirecast and Buzzsprout, there he is able to film himself podcasting and uploading both the audio and video separately on various platforms.

So, what is Wirecast? It is a software to live stream videos that enabled you to control real-time in switching between different media and different cameras if you have. The production quality is as good as a television show. Wirecast has a television-quality broadcasting service that enables you to record and live stream at the same time.

If you want your vlogs to be streamed live or capture screen recording and make gaming videos or infotainment videos, Wirecast comes in handy.

Buzzsprout is the easiest way to host, produce, and promote your podcast. What’s great about Buzzsprout is that it not only provides you a platform but also gives promotion tools and statistics to track your podcasts. 

This is the best time to start a podcast than ever! Because there are one million podcasts existing today, compared to 1 billion websites. And using a combination of Wirecast to film what you podcast is a win-win situation as you can post the same content in different formats on multiple platforms.

What does the course offer?

You will learn how to use Wirecast and Buzzsprout to create video and audio content respectively. Before going live, a lot of preparation goes behind the camera. To make sure everything goes smoothly, be it the mic placement, camera focus, or background setup, the instructor gives his valuable tips on having a steady workflow.

This course not only helps you in getting all the technical details right but also motivates you to produce better content, to have a vision, and promote it the best way.

Planning and scripting of the content is an important preparation before going live. This a crucial step to ensure a quality check on the live videos. All the minute details like title, thumbnail, editing are covered also in the course.


What I will learn?

  • You can interact with your audience in the comments section.
  • You will learn to access to a different audience.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Equipment I use for Podcasting and Vlogging Live!

Section 2 : A Live Vlog on YouTube and Facebook AND a Podcast on iTunes?

Section 3 : Setup, Workflow, and Branding!

Section 4 : Vision, Challenges, and Promotion!

Section 5 : Preparing to Go Live!

Section 6 : The Result: Happier People Day 143!

Section 7 : Thank You for Watching!

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