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Start Live Streaming Today on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Mixer!

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Google via YouTube, Facebook, Amazon via Twitch, and Microsoft with Mixer have all made big investments in having their own live streaming service which seems to be suggesting that live streaming is a huge opportunity today that most are unaware of. So in this course, you will learn how to live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Mixer!
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If you are living under a rock, live streaming is shooting and broadcasting a video at the same time on a platform like Facebook or Twitch. It is a new form of media popular in the gaming sector, social media, and professional sports.

If you are a content creator on the internet, you have to know what live streaming is and how you can use it to your best advantage.

Benefits of Live streaming

  1. An easier way to put out content. With the help of reliable streaming software, a good internet connection, and a decent audio-visual device, live streaming will be a piece of cake. There is no hassle of post-production, such as editing.
  2. Live interaction with the audience. Live streaming is like a video call with your followers or viewers. It’s a great way to improve your relationship with them. Interaction creates a deep bond with your followers. Answering their questions and saying a simple ‘hi’ immediately sparks a good impression in their heads.
  3. Better Sales conversions. Live streaming is a great way to target potential buyers and convert them to sales. It allows being a sales assistant but virtually. Clearing their doubts and persuading them to buy the products is much easier with a live stream.
  4. Target niche audience. There are not many costs involved in live streaming online. Also, viewers of the live videos are definitely interested in the content. So, live streams are a great way to target a niche audience.

How to make the best use of live streams?

Video game live streaming is a huge business today. With the emergence of live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook watch, Mixer, the audience for live streaming of games played by professional or talented gamers is only increasing. At one point, the Twitch live streams had more traffic than HBO’s online service. Any upcoming games can be easily popularized with gaming influencers streaming it live on these platforms. Live streamers earn money through sponsorships, brand deals, and donations. That’s the power of live streaming!

What does the course offer?

If you are thinking about live streaming on your social media or other live streaming platforms, this course exactly teaches you how to do it in the most efficient way. You don’t want your audience to click out of your live video because of some internet lagging or poor audio. The instructor gives you tips to make a smooth and steady live stream. What equipment and software are needed, which streaming platform works the best, and various other questions like these are answered in the course. Also, you will learn how to make money live streaming and what to stream!


What I will learn?

  • You will learn to schedule live streaming on your own.
  • Learn how to make money through live streaming.

Topics for this course

Section 1 : Start Live Streaming Today!

  • 01:00
  • Lecture 2 : Try a Live Stream Today?
  • Lecture 3 : Find a Mentor!
  • Lecture 4 : Where to Stream?
  • Lecture 5 : How to Get More Viewers?
  • Lecture 6 : Schedule Streams to Help Viewers Get Online
  • Lecture 7 : Equipment and Software to Use?
  • Lecture 8 : How to Make Money Live Streaming?
  • Lecture 9 : What to Stream?
  • Lecture 10 : Through The Dip
  • Lecture 11 : Confidence Booster

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