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The 7 Basics of a Beautiful Business

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To build a Beautiful Business and Life, we need to make a profit. A business that doesn’t make a profit and that doesn’t generate cash flow isn’t a business, it’s a hobby. Profit is not the purpose of business, and nor is generating Cash the reason the business exists, but without profit and cash, the business can't deliver on its purpose.
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Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur or, are you currently building a ‘beautiful’ business? The course will help you in more ways than you think.

The instructor, Jerry Banfield, himself has gone through a rough patch with his online business. He made all the mistakes an entrepreneur could ever make. And today, he has a course teaching us what he learned and discovered through his painful failures and do a beautiful business the right way. 

To build a successful business, you need to master the basics first. Fortunately, these skills are not difficult to learn. Once you learn them, you need to put them into practice because consistency is key. The beliefs and value of an organization are what makes it sustainable for long period. A company thrives not just because of the work they do but how they do it. To have sustained growth it is important to have principles and be grounded in them. Professionalism, transparency, taking care of the employees well, and not indulging in unethical practices are some of the principles a business should have. Have a look at the successful companies today and you would agree to the fact that basic principles like these are what makes or breaks a company.

Every business that exists today is because of an idea being sparked in an entrepreneur’s mind. Doesn’t matter whether one has never done a business before or comes from a family of businessmen. Every entrepreneur needs to have a set of skills and a way of doing business that works best for them. Just like how we have a routine, waking up, eating, going out, gymming, a business also needs a routine. Building a powerful routine is the secret behind an entrepreneur’s achievements. 

While each entrepreneur has his/her own set of rules to do their business, certain ground rules have to be followed by each entrepreneur regardless of their business. The seven principles for a passionate and profitable business, as explained by Jerry Banfield, are:

  1. Focus on giving first.
  2. Daily growth adds up fast.
  3. Avoid tricks and gimmicks.
  4. Forget the competition.
  5. Failure will take you to the next level.
  6. Be transparent and only work with others that show you the inside free.
  7. Have fun and love what you do.

The second section of the course deals with the practical application of the principles in his online business. These principles are put into practice and reviewed after a month by the instructor. Each principle is well explained with the situation in context, what worked, and how it worked.


What I will learn?

  • Learn to make a profitable business.
  • You will learn to love your business.

Topics for this course

Section 1 : 7 principles for a passionate and profitable business online.

  • 02:00
  • Lecture 2 : 2 Daily growth adds up fast.
  • Lecture 3 : 3 Avoid tricks and gimmicks.
  • Lecture 4 : 4 Forget the competition.
  • Lecture 5 : 5 Failure will take you to the next level.
  • Lecture 6 : 6 Be transparent and only work with others that show you the inside free.
  • Lecture 7 : 7 Have fun and love what you do.

Section 2 : How am I practicing these principles in my business one month after making the first 7 videos in this class?

  • Lecture 8 : How am I applying these 7 basics today a month later?
  • Lecture 9 : 1 month review of principle 1 giving first.
  • Lecture 10 : 1 month review of principle 2 daily growth.
  • Lecture 11 : 1 month review of principle 3 avoiding tricks.
  • Lecture 12 : 1 month review of prinicple 4 forgetting the competition.
  • Lecture 13 : 1 month review of principle 5 failure to the next level.
  • Lecture 14 : 1 month review of principle 6 be transparent.
  • Lecture 15 : 1 month review of principle 7 love what I do.

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1 year ago
tooo good and helpful.....thank you!!

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