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The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course

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Facebook ads are an excellent way to drive leads and sales to your business. The best part is that you can set up an ad today and have money in the bank tomorrow – unlike other tactics, Facebook ads have the potential to create immediate business growth by reaching a wide range of people. Learn what it takes to set up a successful Facebook ads strategy.
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We are glad that you have landed up here. The reason that The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course has always been one of our top-selling courses of Lurnweb because this course covers everything under the sky related to Facebook Marketing. This Facebook Marketing course is divided into different sections where each section has its specialized modules which helps you excel in Facebook Marketing.

This Facebook Marketing Course focuses on the detailing aspect of every factor involved in Facebook Marketing. In our Facebook marketing course from beginners to advanced level, we have designed a special introductory session exclusively for our students which explains how to maximize the usefulness of the course content in the real-time digital market by which they can make their brand stand out from the rest.

In this Facebook Marketing Course the Detailed focus would be on:
1). Principles that will make you successful in Facebook Marketing
2). Secret Formula to make your brand stand out using our Facebook Marketing Course.
3).A different way of analyzing data and strategizing your next campaign.
4).Facebook Marketing Course for Business Manager Tutorial.
5).80/20 rule in Facebook Ad Marketing and how to optimize that.
6). Earning through Affiliate Marketing through Facebook.

Apart from this, In this Facebook Marketing Course, there will also be a detailed class focusing on CPC, Data-Driven Campaign, Facebook Ad Marketing strategy for Conversion, Affiliate Marketing Sales, Importance of page and events in local business and how to take it forward and create a brand legacy in this digital market, driving engagement using Facebook groups.

Believing in the fact that Content is the King, A Special detailed session related to Content Creation is also being hosted in this Facebook Marketing course which focuses on all kinds of content and its impact in the digital world. There is also a practical session that explains about power editor an editing app to split test targeting and creatives.

There is also a specialized video tutorial in the Facebook marketing course for the business session that teaches you every nook and corner of editing, post and video making in Power Editor.

In addition to this, there is also a comprehensive session on Budget and data-driven campaign strategy, specialized targeting to drive maximum engagement, Importance of Facebook likes in Facebook Marketing, Cost Per Like, How to create and use audiences in Facebook Ads, Retargetting Ads on Facebook using custom audiences and a pixel on your website.

There is also a holistic tutorial in this Facebook marketing course for business which encompasses
1). Boosting post ads for a free offer maximizing engagement, clicks and conversations. In Facebook marketing course for business
2). Boosting post ads for a paid offer with an ads manager and power editor.
3). Power editor post ads recreation

And at the last comes the special part in our Facebook Marketing Course where the instructor also put us with a series of question which helps us to design our brand persona which will help us to create an everlasting positive impression in the Digital Space. He also answers the common confusions everyone is faced with while designing a persona in Facebook Marketing Course for Business to make our brand stand out from the rest.

Apart from this, this Facebook Marketing Course also provide some bonus lectures which focuses on the case studies of top brands, Myths surrounding Facebook Marketing. This Facebook marketing course also covers Frequently Asked Questions on Facebook Marketing General Problems Faced by a common Marketer while doing Facebook Marketing.

If you are going to be the person who is going to take this Facebook Marketing course with full concentration, then congratulations!. Now you are a potential Facebook Marketer with enough knowledge to make your brand stand out in this digital medium. We also recommend you to learn by applying things in a practical way which will take you to greater heights and make you excel in this field.

What I will learn?

  • Strategies for making a profit with Facebook ads.
  • A complete system to advertise anything successfully on Facebook Marketing for Business
  • Facebook Marketing Success Formula

Course Curriculum

Section 2 : Practice these principles and you will be guaranteed to have success on Facebook.

Section 3 : The best practices that work for me with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing.

Section 4 : Work most effectively in the power editor to split test targeting and creatives.

Section 5 : Facebook page like ads for both $0.01 global likes and $0.13 targeted USA likes.

Section 6 : Facebook ads for a guaranteed win using a YouTube video post conversion ad.

Section 7 : Facebook audiences. How to create and use audiences in Facebook ads.

Section 8 : Retargeting ads on Facebook using custom audiences and a pixel on your website.

Section 9 : How a local business can be successful on Facebook with ideas and case studies.

Section 10 : $0.00 CPC Facebook page post engagement ads with videos and conversions APR 2015.

Section 11 : $0.00 May 2015 USA Facebook ads for post engagement, video views + conversions.

Section 12 : Facebook marketing fundamentals from creating a page to making great posts.

Section 13 : Facebook business manager introduction and setup.

Section 14 : Boosted post ads for a free offer maximizing engagement, clicks, + conversions.

Section 15 : Boosted post for a paid offer with ads manager + power editor clicks to website

Section 16 : Power editor website conversion post ads creation

Section 17 : Getting traffic and conversions to your website.

Section 18 : Questions and bonus materials.

Section 19 : Bonus material: retired lectures replaced by new lectures.

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excellent one !!!

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