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The Complete Thinkific Blueprint: Start selling online Courses

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Section 1 : Day 1 May 9, 2017.

Lecture 3 : After upgrading I set my custom domain!
Lecture 4 : Changing the Thinkific URL and setting the CNAME in GoDaddy.
Lecture 5 : Syncing Stripe and PayPal to accept payments.
Lecture 6 : Setting up Google Analytics on Thinkific.

Section 2 : Day 3 May 11, 2017.

Section 3 : Day 4 May 12, 2017.

Section 4 : Day 6 May 14, 2017.

Section 5 : Day 9 May 17, 2017.

Section 6 : Day 11 May 19, 2017.

Section 7 : Day 13 May 21, 2017.

Section 8 : Day 20 May 28, 2017.

Section 9 : Day 22 May 30, 2017.

Section 10 : Day 28 June 5, 2017.


No matter what changes, there is always a demand for knowledge, there is always a demand for teachers. Information is wealth, they say. If you have expertise in anything, why not teach it to the world? Thinkific is the best way to create online courses and sell them. Make good money from teaching what you know!

What do you need to create an online course?

With an online course, anybody from any part of the world can learn anytime. You can teach in the comfort of your home. All you need is a camera and a mic and a laptop. The online course you create will be published on Thinkific. If you want them to be on your website, that option is available as well.

Who can create online courses?

You necessarily don’t have to be a teacher to make online courses. You could be an entrepreneur or a content creator or an author or a speaker, teaching stuff that’s relevant to your business. You could use online courses to teach customers how to use your products or services. Or you could to training programs for your employees. And of course, teaching subject-specific matters as an expert in a field.

How does Thinkific help in creating online courses?

Thinkific guides you through the entire journey of creating online courses. It allows you to 

  • make a course curriculum,
  • build a customizable website to deliver your courses,
  • Integrate a payment gateway to receive payments for your courses,
  • Sell and market your courses, 

and many more.

What does the course offer?

Jerry Banfield is the instructor of the course. There’s no better instructor than him to learn about creating online courses because his major chunk of earnings comes from teaching via online courses.

You will learn everything about Thinkific. From signing up, creating a website, customizing it, adding a payment gateway with Stripe and PayPal, to setting up Google Analytics.

All the minute details in the process of making an online course on Thinkific is covered. We can assure you everything taught is the fastest and easiest way to do everything; be it uploading videos or building the course curriculum.

Once the course is finished and uploaded, you will learn how to track the purchases. The instructor shows you how many students have enrolled and how much he has earned from his online courses! He also shows you how to integrate Thinkific with Zapier for automated email marketing.

This a holistic course for anyone who wants to be an online course instructor.

What to learn?

You will easily upload videos. organize all your learning content with our drag and drop builder. You can design and sell your own content easily.


  • No pre-requisites are required.
  • A laptop or PC with a strong internet connection.
  • Interest in learning.

Target Audience

  • Anybody who wants to teach through online mode.
  • Anybody who wants to get a job.


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$40.00 $32.00

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