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The Complete YouTube Course: Beginner to Advanced

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About Course

Learn all need to about YouTube from the beginner to advanced level. In this course, you will be able to learn, how to create a successful YouTube channel, how to do a live streaming and finally how to get returns to form these videos. You will also be able to learn about tools that are required for screen sharing.
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Want to marketize your products for free, exhibit your talents, or share your knowledge and earn some money, then this YouTube course is all you need but wondering where to start? Take up this complete YouTube course to enhance your skills. This course will teach you to build your audience and your brand on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google. Learn how to create a successful YouTube channel, create engaging videos people want to share, optimize your videos for higher visibility, take advantage of YouTube SEO, get more video views and channel subscribers, and monetize your channel.

Do you know that people are more likely to use YouTube than Instagram and Facebook? So, don’t you think it would be a better place to marketize your products or to exhibit your creative ideas? More than 300-hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. So, what is the probability that your video gets viewed? This course is aimed at teaching new YouTubers what it takes to create exceptional videos and make money from them. Most of the lessons are hands-on tutorials where you will not only learn to succeed but also how to do it. You will start with the basics and following the best practices for all YouTubers. The tips educated by the instructor here will get you in the mindset of a YouTuber. You will learn how to use the YouTube platform as a YouTube partner and work with the Creator Studio.

Get enrolled in this course today and become a YouTube superstar.

The uniqueness of this course:

This course will help you to build your YouTube subscriber base and increase watch time, optimize your videos, including keywords, file names, titles, descriptions, and within your scripts to help you be found more easily in search. Most importantly, you will be able to win the heart of your audience by creating YouTube content that educates, teaches, or entertains. You will also learn to help to establish a solid foundation in branding, camera use, video editing programs, social media marketing, and staying motivated. This also has scope to teach you about video styles, catchphrases, including logos to make your channel feel fresh and different and hopefully get more followers.

You’ll then learn how to make great videos with professional and budget equipment. You’ll learn how to shoot a great video with any camera, how to record great audio, how to light videos with a cheap DIY setup, and how to edit videos efficiently. When you are a podcaster or a YouTuber, Subscribers and clicks are the lifeblood of internet content; this course might help turn the tides by helping you to understand marketing basics that can give you more control over attracting and keeping viewers.

In this course, you will be learning to protect your content with copyright from the basics of YouTube to the advanced level. The lectures are very engaging and interesting. In this course, you will also be able to learn about choosing topics, writing scripts, understanding YouTube’s algorithm, and optimizing your content for search engines, furthermore regarding the mechanism of specific tools that will help you capture your screen. This feature would be of great use for YouTubers creating educational content.

The instructions on how to handle YouTube comments will also be provided. In this course, you will get the opportunity to learn how to
speak confidently on camera, connect with viewers, and find flattering camera angles and also time-saving techniques for recording and editing. The instructions concerning the enhancement of your channel’s search and discovery potential will also be provided in this course. The best thing is that you will also be able to learn about live streaming and how to prevent the lag that occurs during your live streaming.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Post and optimize your video with great titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails
  • Grow your brand through YouTube videos
  • Improve your channel by using analytics
  • Make money with your YouTube videos – with ads, products and services, sponsors, and crowdfunding



What I will learn?

  • You will be able to create a successful YouTube channel.
  • You will be able to capture your screen.
  • You will be able to earn money from your YouTube videos.
  • You will be able to make high-quality videos on a budget.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Fast start! Discover the value you get immediately here

  • Lecture 1: My YouTube channel two years after filming this course in 2015!
  • Lecture 2: What do you want to make videos about? What have you done already on YouTube?
  • Lecture 3: YouTube channel success second step. Upload a new video now!
  • Lecture 4: YouTube channel success third step. What are you doing well? What can improve?
  • Lecture 5: You will be able to do anything you want to on YouTube after taking this course!
  • Lecture 6: 2014 Rapid Growth on YouTube Search
  • Lecture 7: Create and upload your first viral YouTube video right after watching this lecture

Section 2: Earning Money on YouTube

Section 3: YouTube tools.

Section 4:Thumbnails

Section 5: Analytics and community

Section 6: YouTube ads make leveling a channel up easier!

Section 7: Viral video creation tutorial

Section 8: Filming with Camtasia for screen capture and even my iPhone!

Section 9: Copyright strikes

Section 10: Live streaming

About the instructors

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  • No prerequisites required.
  • A laptop with a strong internet connection.

Target Audience

  • YouTubers struggling to grow their channel, get views, get subscribers, and make money with YouTube.
  • Beginners wondering how to get started.
  • Anybody who wants to marketize their brand products for free.

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