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The Hacking Web Applications Course

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22 Lessons05h 11m

Section 1 : Hacking web applications

Lecture 3 : Basics of burp and requests with Kali Linux
Lecture 4 : Iframe injection with Kali Linux
Lecture 5 : Remote commands injection with Kali Linux
Lecture 6 : PHP arbitrary code injection with Kali Linux
Lecture 7 : Broken authentication
Lecture 8 : HeatBleed
Lecture 9 : XSS
Lecture 10 : XSS – Stored – GET
Lecture 11 : XSS – Reflected – POST
Lecture 12 : XSS – Reflected – GET
Lecture 13 : XSS – Json
Lecture 14 : XSS – Ajax – Json
Lecture 15 : Exploiting unencrypted communication with Bettercap
Lecture 16 : Fundamentals of robots.txt file
Lecture 17 : Arbitrary files upload
Lecture 18 : Cross Site Request Forgery
Lecture 19 : CSRF transfer hacking
Lecture 20 : PHPinfo fundamentals
Lecture 21 : Directory traversal with Kali Linux
Lecture 22 : Fuzzing with OWASP Zap


With the growing frequency of hacking threats and cyber attacks, IT security, or ethical hacking as a job prospect, is well in demand. Any corporation or organization has to have cybersecurity as every piece of information and workflow happens online and on networks and servers. This course would give you an insight into the fundamentals of web application hacking.

You don’t have to have any prior experience in hacking or penetration testing. You will be taught the basics of web application hacking first.

What does the course offer?

You will learn:

  • Web application hacking fundamentals
  • HTML injection with Kali Linux
  • Basics of burp and requests with Kali Linux
  • Iframe injection with Kali Linux
  • Remote commands injection with Kali Linux
  • PHP arbitrary code injection with Kali Linux
  • Broken authentication
  • HeatBleed
  • XSS

and much more.

Reasons to learn Ethical Hacking!

Being the police in the network arena is not only fun but also a wholesome one as you are providing security from the malicious and vicious attackers on the internet. You will get a sense of achievement and satisfaction as your service fulfills a significant need among organizations. Ethical hacking as a job is so versatile because you can work in any industry as safety is a concern to anybody and everybody. And also, you would learn how to protect yourself from such threats! Ethical hackers are paid handsome salaries. These reasons surely would allure anyone who is even remotely interested in hacking to learn ethical hacking. Now that you know why become an ethical hacker, see how to become one! 

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What to learn to become a skilled Ethical Hacker?

A responsible ethical hacker will have to know the workings of networks, servers, security measures, coding to perform hacking the best way and safeguard the system. The skills required are:

  1. Programming: It is a necessity for white hat hackers to have in-depth knowledge of programming, especially if they want to work in SDLC.
  2. Networking skills: The fundamentals of how networks works should be known because threats majorly emerge from networks.
  3. Knowing the internet in and out and how search engines work. Also should know how to obtain information from search engines as quickly as possible.
  4. Knowing how various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix operate.
  5. Knowledge of Databases: Knowing SQL to manage large amounts of data is a necessary skill as attacks often target databases to steal information.


What to learn?

Understand the web application's security principles and potential dangers. Find vulnerabilities in your target web application on your own.


  • Basic knowledge of Linux and/or Windows.
  • A laptop or PC with a strong internet connection.
  • Interest in web development and hacking.

Target Audience

  • Anybody who wants to create their web applications.
  • Beginners who are interested in Android web development and hacking.


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