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The Web Server Hacking Cyber Security Course

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Learn all you need to know about web server hacking with this course. In this fast-paced world, it has become necessary to protect your servers from attackers. So, the need for awareness in cybersecurity is ever-growing. Grab your opportunity to become a star in this field and enroll in this course today
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Want to start a career in web server hacking then, this course is just for you. This web server hacking course is the need of the hour. Web server hacking involves protecting servers and their data from malicious attacks and pointing out the weak points in the security of the system, and test the system for loopholes. So web server hacking as a career has an ever-expanding scope. This course could change your life; So, take this opportunity to enroll in this course today and take your career to a great height. In this course, we are excited to show the wonders of Web-server hacking.

Any vulnerability in the applications, Database, Operating system, or in the network will lead to an attack on the webserver. You will be able to learn how to handle states where an attacker can access beyond the web root directory from the application. You will also learn to control the device when the attacker has the aptitude to access beyond the web root directory, execute OS commands and get sensitive information or access restricted directories. Moreover, you will be taught to test a server and its software for vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized control of a web server when a hacker searches for vulnerabilities while practicing ethical hacking.

You will get the opportunity to learn about the automated tools for scanning a web server and applications running on it. You will learn how the vulnerabilities and threats on the target web server shown by the results can be exploited using these tools or manually. You will also learn regarding the tools that can test for a variety of security issues, including misconfiguration of software present on the targeted server, the presence of common or unchanged default passwords, outdated software in need of updating or patching, and similar security issues.

The uniqueness of this course:

This amazing course will teach you everything you need to know about cyber security and ethical hacking from basics in your career to become a cyber security specialist. This course is filled with clearly crafted instructions that will help you understand complex terms easily. The video lectures provided by our instructor will be interesting and engaging. In this course, you will be able to learn about the fundamentals of web server hacking. You will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to install the required tools like python and Kali Linux.

The first phase of any hacking attempt generally involves the collection of information about the relevant target. This course includes identifying the target system and gathering salient details about its IP address, operating system, hardware, network configuration and infrastructure, DNS records, and so on.

The instructor demonstrates all the concepts involving installing, working, and hacking the web servers using Python 3, XAMPP, and Bee-box on Kali Linux from the basics and into the advanced level. In this course, the complex concepts are broken into easy to understand modules.

By the end of this course, you will be :

  • Familiar with how various types of web hacks are performed
  • Fully equipped to test and safeguard a web infrastructure against various real-time attack vectors.
  • Able to understand how Server-based attacks are performed.

What I will learn?

  • How to safeguard a web infrastructure against various real-time attack vectors.
  • Concepts involved in web server hacking.
  • Possible countermeasures to defend against these attacks.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Hacking web servers

  • 32:00
  • Lecture 2: Installing Python 3 on Windows 7 and setting up simple Python HTTP server
  • Lecture 3: Installing XAMPP on Windows 7
  • Lecture 4: Installing Apache and working with simple web server on Kali Linux
  • Lecture 5: Working with web servers on Kali Linux
  • Lecture 6: Installing and playing around with Bee-Box and Kali Linux
  • Lecture 7: Working with Bee-Box on Kali Linux
  • Lecture 8: Hacking web servers with Kali Linux
  • Lecture 9: Shell Shock

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1 year ago
outstanding course!!!
1 year ago
this has some great stuff to learn!!!

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  • No prerequisites are required.
  • A laptop with a strong internet connection.
  • Interest in web server hacking.

Target Audience

  • This course is perfect for existing web designers as well as anybody passionate about developing their skills in the field of internet security.
  • Beginners interested in cybersecurity.

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