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Would you try to take this World History Course today to see world history the way I do, in a way that liberates me from the frustrating limitations I learned in school and places me in a world with a deep sense of where I come from and what my purpose today is?

In the first session of this world history course, the instructor gives us a summary dating back to the long-forgotten roots of our ancestors from different countries in a different era. In this world history course, the instructor also talks about the importance of learning history and its roots. He also talks about the impact of learning history.

In the second session of this world history course, the instructor talks about the primary purpose of history books and how to connect the dots between different era in history. In this world history course, the instructor stresses the importance of clear knowledge to find what is true among the different documentation about the same history.

In the third session of this world history course the instructor talks about our roots, he answers who we really are and how human purpose is continuously changing with the evolution of human beings. In this World History course, the instructor talks about the history of our evolution – physically, mentally and socially also.

In the fourth session of this world history course, the instructor talks about the motivational factor behind creating this course and he also explains his journey and the impact he had which made him choose history as his career. This world history Course also talks about the one giant leap into world history.

There is a special detailed session answering the question of why humans are so poorly adapted for this planet comparing other animals. In this world history course, this session will be a great eye-opener for everyone making them realise the depth and impact of the changes in modern society that are making humans the most poorly adapted animals on the earth. In this world history course, the instructor also talks about

1. Where did we get all this advanced technology from
2. Why are there so many men in black stories near UFO Sightings.
3. How to decide what to value in this mixed history documentary.

In the fifth session of this world history course, the instructor hosts a series of special lectures on

1. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)
2. Airforce and airline pilot UFO sightings are very common and kept quiet.
3. A strange UFO crash in Pennsylvania.
4. What interest do UFOs have in cows.

In the sixth session of this world history course, the author talks about why are the pyramids everywhere and the technology he used to build the pyramids. Here the instructor also talks about the science behind building pyramids.

In the seventh session of this world history course, the instructor explains Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. He also hosts a special session explaining what makes star wars so amazing. In the eighth session of this course, the instructor explains why the crop circles appear around the globe overnight followed by an insightful conclusion.

We will also be constantly updating the course according to the recent changes due to research And at the last comes the special part in our World History Course where the instructor also put us with a series of question which helps us to rethink the historical events in a different perspective.

I am sure that this course will lay a solid foundation for you in world history and will help you stand out with exceptional skills among your peer groups. Start your learning here, practice consistently and become an expert in world history with our world history course.

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