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Getting started

Adding A New Course.

Go to your dashboard to access our awesome Course Builder to “Add a new course”.

Course Identity

Course Title

This is the main identifier of the course. Make sure to keep this informative and concise using keywords relevant to the course.

Course Description

This is a brief description of the course and its contents. You can describe the topics included in the course, along with additional quizzes, assignments and resources in the course itself.

Naming Your Course

Course Category

Choose a category that best fits your niche. Don’t see a category that fits your course? Choose “other” and message us what you’d like it to be.

Course Price

Choose your course price or set your course as free. Other pricing options are available on request. 
We will never change your prices & you keep everything you earn!

Course Thumbnail

Upload an image to best show off your course. 
Members on any Done-For-You package will have an image designed for you by our designers.

Uploading Your Course Video

Course Intro Video

Upload your course introduction video by providing the URL of the video. If you would like AcademyExtra to host your videos then leave this blank and we will contact you before your course is published to arrange this.

Creating Your Course

Course Builder

The Course Builder is where you will assemble your course. You can add topics, lessons, quizzes, assignments and more to your courses. Start by adding a topic/module. 

Add Topic

Create your first topic or module by pressing “Add New Topic”. Give your new topic a short but descriptive name and a summary of the topic. 

Creating A Lesson

Lesson Title

Add the title of the lesson in the first box. This will be shown to users before then enrol  so be sure to make it descriptive.

Lesson Content

Use the visual or text editor to upload the content of your lesson. Change the style, add images and video, create a contact form/questionnaire and more. Don’t want to do this? We will upload everything for you with any of our Done-For-You Memberships.

Upload Feature Image

Add a main featured image for the lesson as well as any images in the course content itself. Optionally add any downloadable attachments for each lesson via “Upload Attachment”.

Enable Course Preview

If checked, this lesson will be free for everyone. An open access lesson. This is ideal for showing pre-course content or getting people hooked on your course before they pay to enrol. 

Adding A Quiz

Quiz Info

Provide a title and description of each quiz which will be shown before any quiz attempts.

Adding Questions

Simply write your question, choose one of 10 question types and provide an answer. Optionally you can provide a description of each question.

Quiz Details

  • Answer Required: Mark this as yes if you want this question to be mandatory to answer
  • Randomize: Mark as yes if you want the question’s order to be randomized among the list of questions.
  • Points for this answer: Use this field to change the points to be awarded for getting this question right
  • Display points: Enable this if you want to display the points on the quiz field

Adding Answers

Add your answers and mark which of them is the correct option.

Multiple Question Types

Choosing Question Type

Choose from any of our 10 question types. We have something for every use case we could imagine. If you require another question type adding please let us know!

Quiz Types

  • True/False: This allows two options, true or false. Only one correct answer.
  • Single Choice: Only one answer from a list is correct.
  • Multiple Choice: Two or more answers from a list are correct.
  • Open Ended/Essay: Give students a chance to write anything. Set a minimum/maximum word limit. 
  • Fill In The Blanks: Write a sentence with a word missing, students type the correct word.
  • Short Answer: Give students a limited word count to provide a short answer. 
  • Matching: Match the correct text labels with the associated text.
  • Image Matching: Match the correct images with the associated text.
  • Image Answering: Which of the provided images is correct.
  • Ordering: Drag and drop the statements into the correct order.

Get Help Or Build A Team

Add More Instructor

This section allows you to add more instructors to the course. They can then edit, moderate, and add their own content to this course.

Finishing Touches

Additional Data

How long do you think your course would take to complete? Set your total course duration here.

Benefits & Requirements

List the knowledge and skills that students will learn after completing this course and additional requirements or special instructions for the students (One per line).

Audience & Materials

Specify the target audience that will benefit the most from the course. A list of assets if any you will be providing for the students in this course (One per line).

Finishing Touches


  • Disable Q&A: This will disable the course’s built in Q&A forum
  • Disable Certificates: This will disable generating certificates for this course. Students will not be able to get certificates for the course.

Course Attachments

Course attachments are resources such as practice files, example files, and other necessary files that you may have used or need to use in the course content. Students can download them if they choose to.

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites are courses that you must finish to get access to this course. For example, if have 2 courses named Basics of Programming Languages and Advanced Programming Languages, then set the basics course as a prerequisite for the advanced course. This will make sure that the students complete the basic course before accessing the advanced course.

This will allow you to create a true and structured learning path for students, with different courses addressing different levels of students.


Save Course As Draft

Come back to your course anytime. Save your progress and finish anytime.

Save Course As Draft

When you are ready hit Publish!
Our team will check and approve your course.

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